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Complete Roofing Systems!
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"It's Real Clay Tile"
Made of nature's own earth and crafted by a special manufacturing process, we offer the only authentic lightweight tile available today.

"Lightweight Design"
Both Claylite and Clay Max have been designed for reroofing homes with existing wood shakes. Weighing in at over 40% less then standard tiles, they can both be installed without costly roof reinforcements.

"Beauty & Enhanced Resale Value"
Clay tiles are the number one roofing product of choice by discriminating owners of high end custom homes. You can have the same prestigious look, real clay, at an installed cost similar to our competitor's concrete products. And with a warranty that is transferable, you'll be able to pass on the value to the new owner should you ever decide to sell.
"Fire Protection"
Clay is fireproof. Our lightweight tiles are kiln-fired at 1900 Fahrenheit and feature Class-A fire rating!

"Clay is Timeless"
In the Olden days, all roofing tiles were made of clay... today only the best tiles are! Choose an authentic clay tile roof from San Ventura Roofing and you can have the look of enduring elegance forever.

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